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Day 6: Stelvio Pass and Italy. Continued...

GoPro on Stelvio going halfway down. You'll see why we only went halfway down. BTW, when you hear me talking in the video, I'm not talking to myself, all 3 of us are equipped with Scala Rider G4s.

Can't stop taking pictures. Armen just below me.

I was glad these walls were everywhere.

The bus. On the video you can hear me laughing while I was waiting for the bus to make a turn on a hairpin. The bus is full of little old ladies and about half of them were having heart attacks when the bus felt like it was going over the side. :laughing

I was going so slow because I kept busting out the camera to take pictures.

There's a house in almost the dead center of this picture. How he gets up there, I have no clue...
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