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You do this at your own risk!

Ok, you've been warned. . .

The warning is because you can easily brake the part of the scoop base (black plastic) that is welded to the Helmet. You brake the base you either "glue" the Scoop back on OR buy a new helmet!

Here goes:
  1. Move the Air Vent Closure Slider to the Middle possion.
  2. Now with your finger nail "pop" it off by lifting upward from the back.
  3. This Slidder is now you "tool" for removing the Scoop.
  4. Using the thin end of the Slider gently pry under the Scoop from the back and then pry "up". This will release the Scoop at the rear. DO NOT LIFT UP ANY FURTHER!!!
  5. Now slide the Scoop FORWARD to release it from the grooves at the front of the base. These grooves are fragile!!!
  6. If you made it that far you now have the Scoop in your hand. Grungy - right?!

To install, reverse the above process. If you moved the Slider Closing part of the base make sure it is in the Middle position before replacing the Scoop - by sliding the Scoop into the front grooves and then "snapping" it in place at the rear. Replace the Slider and your done.

Be careful out there. . .


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