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Mercedes-Benz is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, the first van was created in 1896.

Why A Sprinter?

1) Headroom. I'm 6' tall and I have about 3" of head clearance standing straight in the van.
2) Gas mileage. I'm currently averaging about 22mpg. This should improve as the van breaks in (upto 10,000 miles).
3) Lust. I just think they are cool and sometimes life is too short to not buy what you want...

Background (from a North American point of view).

Sprinters hold their value insanely. Even van's with 200,000+ miles on them are going for $15,000

There are two generations (for our purposes) of Sprinters... we don't get the cool ones like the Europeans or Aussies (they can get 4 cylinders, they can get 4wd, etc etc)... our choices are limited to what are commonly referred to as the "NAFTA" editions.

We have two basic generations. The T1N and the NCV3

NCV3 on the left.. T1N on the right:

Generation 1: Upto 2006 was the T1N. They are 5 cylinder turbo diesels and are famous for their incredible gas mileage. Commonly called a "Tin" in Sprinter circles. Sprinters have always had Mercedes engines in them but these were sold as Dodge vehicles here in the US. You will see many of them have been re-badged as Mercedes.

There are guys on the Sprinter forum with 750,000+ miles on their T1N sprinters.
There was a guy who posted recently his just flipped 500,000 miles and he has done absolutely NOTHING to the engine outside of scheduled maintenance

Generation 2: 2007 to current is the NCV3 (new concept van 3). These are 6 cylinder turbo diesels and do not get the gas mileage of the T1Ns. In 2007/2008 they were sold as Dodge and then in 2009 Freightliner as well. Since Dailmer and Dodge have gone their seperate ways, 2010 and 2011 are sold under the Mercedes moniker from Mercedes dealers (which means the parts have Mercedes prices )

The NCV3s started off with not the biggest fan fare. The 2007 & 2008 versions average less than 20mpg, which with Sprinters being famous for gas mileage, wasn't so popular of a fact...

The latest generation of Sprinter engines (the Bluetec engine) has been redesigned with higher compression and efficiency getting the vehicle up over 20mpg again

...but the Bluetec comes at a price... you spend 2 cents a minute on "cow piss"

(to be continued.. dinner is ready).

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