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Originally Posted by Audiholic View Post
The LM2 is a handheld type device (not for permanent install). For a gauge on your bike your best bet would be the MTX-L product from innovate - it's the most streamlined solution. Their slightly older LC1 (which they still sell) is to be avoided - I've had to warranty many of these between my own cars and customer cars. The MTX-L is supposed to be a much more robust unit and all of the electronics are built into the gauge housing so you don't have a lot of electronics to stuff somewhere on the bike.

However, if I was spending money on a direct instal wideband AFR gauge, I would buy an AEM unit, they have a better track record and seem to be more durable, IMO.
Hi Audiholic,

Just wanted understand, If i got the MTX-L or the AEM, does it mean, that's the only thing I need to purchase? From the little that I know, getting a reading of the AFR mainly needs, a sensor, a logging system and a gauge. From what you're saying, the MTX-L / AEM wide band does all of this. Is there a way to log the results I get from these?

I was wondering how important RPMs were also since the 950se doesn't have an RPM meter?

Is the AEM a weather-proof unit that's a permanent install? I see these AFR gauges being installed in cars not but in a motorcycle where you get the rain, mud and anything in between.

I don't really need it to stay there permanently, maybe just have it there while I'm still tuning the bike but it may as well be a cool farkle I can leave on...
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