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I stopped riding for a long time and didn't miss it much. I became a pastor of a church and there was a conflict because some parents were battling with kids who wanted motorcycles and I felt my motorcycle would just add fuel to their struggles. Also, my own sons were ten and seven and I hoped they wouldn't ride motorcycles. So I sold it before the congregation ever knew I had one.

Durning the following years, I built a schooner and then sailed it and that was a big time user. Then I got way back into bicycles and began building them as a job. Fourteen months ago, I dropped a bicycle frame off at a new powder coater who was around the corner from the Triumph, BMW, and Ducati dealer. My last two motorcycles were BMWs so I stopped in to see what the new ones looked like. A week or so later, we bought a Bonneville T100 and I have 24,000+ miles on it now.

So, as another poster pointed out, quitting doesn't always mean forever.

By the way, I just spent a few days riding with my sons in Colorado. They still live in Washington and we moved to North Carolina. I kind of wish they didn't ride motorcycles, but they do and they ride well.

Regards, Chuck
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