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what a terrible night last saturday of basically non racing..i show up early because after speaking to a few riders who confirmed they where gonna be there we decided to show early and suit up so we could get a practice in and not interfere with the nights speedway program from starting on time...wellllllllll......... NONE i repeat NONE of them showed the promoter even had us in the printed BS......I have been helping the promoter spread the word that all flat trackers are welcome and this happens after confirmations...totally not acceptable...stuff like this will eventually mean we wont be welcome anymore

I was ready to go home when the promoter decided i would have a "exhibition" race with a young gal that is still riding the kids bikes (80cc) and getting ready to move up to a Junior 250 speedway bike....of course they line us up in our first race and i just putt around make one pass let her pass back and have a " Drag Race" to the finish.

second time up i start on the back stretch and of course she wins again

for our main we line up side by side but i am one lap down and i'll be damned if she didnt beat me again the crowd seemed to really like that one.

i was mad none of the racers showed but glad the fans got a kick out of our match races and she got to get some extra track time before she moves up to the big kids bikes.

anything that helps the future of motorcycle racing is cool by me.i usually sponsor a few kids races at the speedway "Gumball Rally" every year..its a good feeling to help our future advance in the sport.

anyways here is the new pipe

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