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That's the issues w/ the AEM: No claimed water proofness and to my knowledge they don't have a logging program for your laptop.

Innovate: You can install their own program "LogWorks" and look at the Wideband data graphically and record it. The graphical readout is nice b/c it is easier to see transient changes in fueling where a numerical gauge would just be quickly flicking through changing numbers. Logging is nice, but can also be somewhat useless w/out RPM - You would have an AFR vs Time log. So unless you are on a dyno and can match up time stamps or start and stop a log accurately, it wouldn't be super useful IMO.

The AEM is still a better product in my experience, the sensor doesn't need a free air calibration (which the Innovate products frequently do) [free air cal means you have to pull the sensor out of the exaust and calibrate it against a clean air reference, AEM uses the proper Bosch protocol and doesn't loose this calibration] So perhaps the AEM gauge could be made more water tight w/ silicon.
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