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Originally Posted by Xcountry-Rider View Post
An Angry man for someone that sure his bike is "better". Your stinker suck by the way. Lost?? Seriously would never put some crap like that on my pretty white Tiger. Get a GPS idiot..
Hey Mate ... a bit of respect fo ChiTown ... He's been out there doing it for real ... real rides, real rebuilds, real adventure and really big Crashes! Not to mention the real photography !

I note he has over 2,000 posts to less than a hundred for you, so I suggest you get over yourself and realise that most of us ride the bikes we do for a reason.

Personally I like the XC, but I don't really lke the engine until you get it wound up (hate the whine it makes at low revs, sounds good higher up, doesn't produce much torque down low) I don't like the 800GS gear ratios, but the Tiger is much worse ... 1st is way too high, top is too low.

I could go on ... the GS is lighter, uses less fuel, the maintence costs are apparently lower, and so on. Yes the standard seat is terrible and the suspension could be better.

So how about you go and ride the XC on some real adventures and then get back to us and then we will be really interested !
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