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I have maintained, for years, that you can not become the safest, best rider you can, until you have realized, and fully comprehended what risks and responsibilities come with motorcycling.

The key word is "responsibilities"! Are you prepared for the potential injuries to you, your family, your friends. Are you actually aware of the possibilities, and have you done everything in your power to be prepared? Do you have the right insurance? Is your medical and long term disabillity ins. up to date? Are your assets in a trust so your spouse doesn't have to go through probate? Are you wearing appropriate gear? Have you done all you can to make yourself and your bike more visable?

Do you accept the responsibility for whatever happens to you while riding? I believe that at least 95%, maybe as high as 99% of all motorcycle accidents could have been avoided or prevented by the rider! Sure, cars do make unexpected U-turns, and they do pull out of driveways without looking, and they do change lanes into "your" space, but should you have "seen it coming"? Should you have been riding slower and noticed the car up ahead put on their brakelights and pull to the right shoulder? That would be a warning that even without a turn signal, they might be U-turning? Why were you doing 40 through a residential neighborhood and not noticed that the streets were lined with parked cars that a dog, a kid, a ball, a car could come out from behind with little or no warning? Have you practiced your emergency braking? Did you skip getting ABS because "I can brake better" or "it costs too much"!

When you have answered all the questions, and looked yourself in the mirror and said, I am doing this as safely and as well as I can, I love riding, and I'm prepared for the worst, then and only then, should you get back on a bike and call yourself a "motorcyclist".

It's just my opinion, and it's worth what you payed for it......
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