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Don't know what the hype is about Wunderlich 1250111 Tank Bag

So I purchased the Wunderlich Tank Bag 1250111, the one specifically designed for the F650GS, based on all the great read reviews out there and I'll be one of the few who will go against the grain and say this bag isn't what it's cut out to be, especially for the price they're asking. I took this bag out to ride the Trans-Lab and tour around Newfoundland and Nova Scotia and I did have a get-off on this bike with the bag, so the bag did get taken through its paces.


1) USD $235.00 gives you no waterproof capabilities in the bag nor in the map case. Wunderlich advertises this bag as being waterproof and having waterproof liners. Well, after 15 minutes of riding in the rain, everything in the tank bag got wet. Luckily for me, I wrapped all the contents up in extra zip-lock bags. It was the zip loc bags that kept everything dry, not the tank bag. All my paper maps got wet.

2) If this bag was specifically designed for the F650GS/F800GS, they wouldn't have made it so wide and bulky, thus clumsy. At full lock to the left, the horn button hits the bag, even if you don't put anything into the side pockets. Unless you mount the base plate off centre towards the right, or buy the horn protector, or stop doing tight, left turns, you'll forever be hitting that horn when the bag is on the bike.

3) When attaching the tank bag, if you don't want the bag to interfere with you while standing on the foot pegs, you can slide the bag mount more forward, however, upon doing this, the bag's front buckle interferes with the key. If you don't do any standing on the pegs style riding, slide the mount more rearward and you'll be fine.

This bag is large and will hold a good amount of things, has many well thought of conveniences, like d-rings, clips, straps holders, but they're just that, conveniences, but not necessary. Build quality is good (other than not being waterproof). Material seems durable and the look of the bag is stylish.

Overall, this is definitely a good tank bag, but for me, the 3 above inconveniences, especially how they advertise this as being a waterproof bag, surely is not worth the asking price.

Thus continues my search for a good tank bag worth the price they're asking.
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