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Welcome home

I'm another fan who has followed your trip from day one. I have really enjoyed your on going, almost live T.R. I read along even while on my own trip.

I am on the road now from L.A. to Montana and on the way back to meet my wife and friends camping near Big Sur. I know, life is hard sometimes.

I take my hat off to you guys in regards to your diligence to the T.R. as you travel. I had aspirations to writing one too but fell short in the discipline it takes to sit down every night and putting it all together after a long day of riding. Mucho Kudos to you.

I hope Triumph either gives you the bikes or they work out some kind of screaming deal with you. They should know your honest critique of the bikes, showing their strengths and their worts doesn't seem to hamper the almost cult following the bike has gained.

I think your assessment of the bike in tough real world conditions is by far a better review than any of the bike rags can ever manage.

I hope Triumph seee that.

Glad you had a great time and that you are home safe.

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