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Of the suggestions I've seen as to what Triumph should do with these bikes:

Give them to you,

Auction them off to support ACT,

Tear them down to measure the wear regular riders (versus Triumph's professional R&D riders) put on the bikes,

tearing them down probably has the biggest payoff with the fewest adverse side effects for Triumph.

Not that they need the information, their test bikes were torn down and measured eight ways to Sunday during the development phase. This enables them to create lots of ads with "technicians" measuring 'things' with micrometers, scales, and who knows what, showing parts still at new tolerance levels. Especially once they cure the stalling issue. Expect one or two of your photos in each ad.

If Triumph give the bikes to you, well, you can just imagine...

Me: "Hey Triumph, how about giving me a bike?"

Triumph: "Sorry, already been done, gave away two, and they did a cracking ride report. In fact, here's the link, you can read it yourself."

Me: "I could do a ride report."

Triumph: "Look, already done I told you! Push off!"

Wouldn't take long, and Triumph would run out of people to interview for the PR position.

Of course, Triumph advertise "Go Your Own Way," so they could surprise us.

Hope you can let us know what happens.
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