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To optimize your jetting, i dont think you want to transport with you your computer. I have the LM-1 and it's a good unit. I use it on my SER and my modified Tacoma 2005. The LM-2 is a better unit and you can connect a device to read the RPM. So you'll need the LM-2 kit with the widwband sensor, the rpm reading device and a bung to install on your header before the H-pipe but as far as possible from the motor.

I've installed 2 bungs on my SER (front and rear cylinder) but for the rear cylinder i can't have stable readings and i've got lot of error codes. I've installed a heatsink cause i'm pretty sure it was related to eaxhaust gas temperature. The results were not better. The rear bung is insttaled exactly at the same place of the OEM egt bung. It's the only place that was accessible for the installation of the sensor. So i can only read at iddle and low throttle opening on the rear. For the front cylinder, no problems. I can read and log all the band of throttle openings and the very important WOT.

So now i'm using the readings of the front cylinder to jet front and rear.

The bung on the front cylinder is installed in the V of the frame just over the right peg. Look at 26th pictures, in middle of page 6 in this link.
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