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Sikasso - Rural Mali

My mom is venerated in this malian village :)

We stopped over for an African lunch

Beef with onion and fried beans with chili

A typical pirogue driven by less typical paddles

Dragrace - 2 donkeypower vs. lots of diesel horses

The first night in Sikasso we camp in the backyard of a local family. We quickly become the village attraction, every detail of our tent pitching and logistics being scrutinized, analyzed and discussed with load enthusiasm. Later at night we are invited to join the family (husband, wife, 3 boys and a toddler + uncle) for dinner: boiled yam with a dash of oil, eaten by hand from a big pot. We offer some almonds from Morocco and then enjoy the ritualic 3 glasses of African tea artfully brewed by the woman. Only Bambara is spoken so we cannot communicate easily, and under the star-covered sky the silence in this village where there is no electricity nor running water is broken by some music coming from an old radio.

In the morning we eat a typical breakfast: millet congee with bean doughnuts

We are the village freaks: we have fun with the kids eager to mount the bike and we teach them some Romanian childhood games

Sikasso is the center of the 3rd Malian region; here are grown for local consumption and export: mango, bananas, nuts, millet, rice, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, pineapple, avocado. The market is bountiful so we enjoy a fabulous fruit and tea picnic later, near the Burkina border.

The rear tyre is almost done and we have a nail in, so I m contemplating switching to the knubbies. Also rumors are that the roads to the north are not tarred so…We bushcamp in a cute little spot and rain falls the better part of the night and all morning, when I am happy that I haven't rushed into changing the tires, as the tarmac is excellent up to Koutiala and then to Djenne.

Breakfast served in bed, under the cover of rain: avocado and tomatoes salad

This baobab was home to a large bird colony

Morning dew in the field of our next day bush camping spot

And on our tent

Another memorable breakfast


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