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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
Please show us how an aircooled bike can possibly be "regulated" to not get hotter when sitting in traffic! Oh, and name another bike that doesn't.

As it says in the specifications air/Oil cooled 2008 GSA. I'll be damed if the air has any thing to do with it base on the hunk of metal I am setting on. This is the same type of discussion that went on with Porsche in the 80's. Just because some people are satisfied with the level of performance doesn't make it right. At least when I bought my bike I bought it for quality which I think I got and this issue is small but I think it can have a huge impact if left unattained. When I am in Death Valley riding along at 55 to 105 MPH watching the temperature gauge creep up past the top hash I don't want to be wondering for couple of hours if my bike is going to over heat. If it does over heat, talking to the BMW mechanic in California you would never know because thier is no indicator telling you it has hit the over heating point. It is still hard for me to believe that one. If this really is the case then why bother with a gauge at all? If someone can answer that it would be helpful.

Either way if I wanted to pull over in 100 degree weather while my bike cooled I would have bought an older technloogy and understood those were the risks. Otherwise manatee doesn't want to be left baking in the sun with my bike smoldering because some engineer wouldn't $$$ or couldn't make an accurate temperature gauge.
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