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Originally Posted by Manatee2000 View Post
I respect your answere but don't buy it. With all of the technology they have built into the bike this should not be an issue. The technology BMW motercycles is using is cheep because it has been proven in other industries for years. To some extent they are cutting edge for motercycles but other indistires they are way behind the technology curve which admidtly is not the worst thing. Auto industire have used the oil cooled engines and lots of race applications have used the same technology.

It all comes down the the thermostat and how well it was designed.

I wasn't being disrespectful of your position. Just smiling at the strength of Jim's response.

I think you're both right. Jim is saying that the bike is air cooled; what can one expect if no air is flowing over the engine to cool it off while in stop and go traffic.

You're saying that with today's engineering capabilities, adequate temperature control can be designed and installed to prevent overheating.

I think you're both right.

But I also think that the hexheads are already pretty good at engine temperature management. If I were to ask BMW for improvements, this wouldn't make my list.

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