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Great job on getting yourself prepped and ready for another checkmark on your list of accomplishments. One quick thought on your comments about your thread and racing. It is threads like this that often inspire others to step out and test the waters. Not for the podium finish (although we all would like to stand on one eventually), but for the feeling of accomplishment after setting goals. I personally would never have ventured into entering races if it weren't for reading these types of threads and thinking, "I can try that".
Whether it is Ned chasing Dakar, eatpasta taking on D-37 events, OC taking the Honda 350 to the Mexican 1000 or you taking on V2R (then Baja), there are many riders out there reading and learning. I appreciate the time you take to document your journey. Besides the photos on your bike, you have an extended group of friends supporting and watching.

Good luck, ride safe and have fun!!

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