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Originally Posted by TAMPAJIM View Post
You ever see that movie where the guy thought wild bears were his buddies and they ate him?
I don't suggest any ADV riders go swimming in a salmon stream with feeding grizzlies and their cubs... The fact people who stupid things get in trouble with bears doesn't mean bears are extremely dangerous when you use reasonable precautions.

Bears aren't your buddies at the same time grizzlies are not interested in attacking let alone eating people.

Originally Posted by soph9 View Post
I guess we are wimps plus we hate camping in the rain.
No worries....I didn't enjoy pedalling my bike or camping in the rain either!...

I'm not dissing you guys at all. I just wanted to point out bears are not a serious danger if you take reasonable precautions. Having lived in bear country all my life it's not something that should stop folks from enjoying camping in wild places. Just read up on what to do to be safe and you'll be fine.

Having said that we all have different comfort levels so there is nothing wrong with staying at hotels in bear country if you wouldn't enjoy your time in a tent.

Personally I was way more worried about keeping the rubberside down in that slick as snot Dempster mud!!!
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