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Camera question

Originally Posted by soph9 View Post
July 6th 2011

I know we talk about the temperature a lot especially in the morning but here is another comment as to what the temperature was when we got up in Ross River. Brrrrrrrrr!!

Cheryl has 3 pairs of socks on, her Gerbring jacket wrapped around her calves and feet, numerous layers on and of course her dew rag on her head. She said she was warmer. Maybe I need to learn something about using all my socks and clothes in temps like this to sleep more than a few hours.

I got up around 0530 and took a little hike down to the river before any of the campers at the river sites were up. So quiet except the great sound of rushing water.

I’ve got a thing for skies and cloud pictures especially in the morning hours. Something so peaceful about the skies we have been seeing when it is not raining.

My attempt to get artsy with a picture. I would never claim to be a photographer.

We got camp packed up really early today for the long ride to Dawson City. First stop was Faro for a quick bite to eat. More dirt roads and some nice views on the route. The dirt was damp from the rain we got over night so no dust for Cheryl.

More metal bridges which are now just a common crossing for our bikes

We were greeted in Faro by this 65 Tonne truck at the entrance of the town. Wish the WIFI was better to just post short videos of things we are seeing. Maybe when we get to Fairbanks we can upload some videos. Here is the BIG truck and Cheryl just loved playing around in it in all her gear. She is such a kid sometimes but in a good way.

The official welcome sign to Faro

After playing around in the humungous truck, we headed down into the “town” of Faro and found the one and only restaurant so we could have breakfast.

As we were parking our bikes, we noticed this mangy pooch wandering around. It seems to be a common thing up here to let your dogs just roam around. This little guy looked like he could use a bath and a haircut!

Our waitress Morgan was a friendly sort and seemed interested in our adventure and agreed to have her photo taken.

Breakfast was delicious!

We filled up our bellies, but we couldn’t fill up our gas tanks as the town gas station had run out of gas! We still had over half a tank though and we set off for Carmacks.

General Store and gas station in Carmacks

Views and more views from the Klondike Highway

This is at Five Finger Rapids

Seems like a lot of pictures of the two of us….cool we say! We love our Gorilla Tripod!
Met a cool little dog named Jack from Kamloops. A young couple just touring around for a week.

Once again as we ride north to Dawson we begin to see less and less of sun and blue sky. Seems like a daily occurrence, blue sky to this

By now we are not really too upset if it were to rain. The bikes and our gear needs a washing from the Robert Campbell and we did indeed get wet heading all the way up to Dawson City. A shot of some pretty road side flowers.

We both had to stop at the obligatory picture at the welcome sign for Dawson City. All along the road into town there are huge mounds of road mulch. We are certain this is used not only on the Dempster but all roads around here. There are so many of them.

this is one way we take together pics without having to rely on others.

Dinner at Sourdough Joe’s we had great sandwiches and pea soup. That ended our day and tomorrow we will spend some time doing laundry, trying to lube the chains, get the bikes hosed down, and take a steamboat trip down the Yukon.

First, I want to tell you how much I am enjoying your ride report and all the great photos. I have a 955i Triumph Tiger I am hoping to ride up to Alaska next year. Your report is a great source of information.
So, more information is requested.
What kind of cameras are you using on your trip? I am aware of both still and video cameras. No way will I embark upon an adventure trip without both still and video cameras.
I will continue to read and enjoy the ride through your eyes and written words.
Best Regards,
Kraftsman 73
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