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one hot, did i say HOT day in july i met leeinmemphis at the fillingstation we'd heard any girl in a bathing suit got to drink free tequila on the upper deck. now that sounded like something to see, but just our luck it musta been to hot for free tequlia. now that friends is hot

we had lunch he headed on back rds home and i headed downtown to kill time before "blues on the bluff"

i was cruiseing around looking for pictures, i saw this place (the gate was open)

it was between a closed plant of some kind and a closed motel. I pulled in took some pictures it was someplace where they loaded something on boats and barges. i snapped a few pic's

as i turned around the gate was closeing. i looked to the right and the warehouse doors had all closed and there was no way out there rode up to the gate hoping it would open. nope, looking around the gate they'res a whole lot of red and white no tresspassing signs and somesort of level yada, yada security code clearence signs.

ride up storage yd, no way out i;m think'n boy am i a dork.

finally decide to go knock on the office door. no answer, door is locked and blinds are down. i go back to the bike and i'm looking around and a horn like a sub diving goes off and another one like a cop car. i'm say'n oh shit waiting for the doors to fly open and security to come runnnig out when the gate starts opening

now i know good and well someone was behind that door laughing their ass off
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