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HID to 'almost stock' comparison

Prior to our annual summer road trip, I wanted to add more visibility to my wife's DRZ - both headlights and signals. In addition to adding LED signal/tail/brake lights to her Givi (write-up here), I also installed an HID kit on her bike.

Earlier in the year, I added an Eastern Beaver H4 relay to my DR, and then replaced the stock H4 bulb with a PIAA Intense White bulb. While it was a noticeable improvement from stock, it still doesn't hold a candle (pun intended) to the HID setup.

I set my camera in manual exposure mode, metered the first shot (the DR's "upgraded" H4 on low-beam) and locked in those settings so that the subsequent shots wouldn't be exposed differently, hopefully producing a series of unbiased shots comparing the two lighting setups. Seeing as the lens/reflector of the DR and the DRZ are practically identical, I think this is as close to a 'scientific comparison' as possible without taking before-and-after pictures of the same bike (which I didn't have the forethought to do).

So... on with the goods.

DR - Upgraded H4 on low-beam:

And the DRZ with HID - low-beam:

Convinced yet? Okay fine... here's the high-beam shots, too.

DR - high-beam:

DRZ - high-beam:

The HID kit I installed was one I sourced from a local online retailer. He had installed the same dual-beam, 55W/5000K kit in his VTX 1800 and I was impressed with the brightness, colour, and spread of the light it produced. My hopes that the DR/DRZ headlight would produce similar results with an HID kit didn't go disappointed.
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