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redpillar, glad to hear you got out on the bike and enjoyed the tracks, sounds like you boys had a good adventure. You can not go wrong riding just about any of those roads/jeep tracks/cow trails in that area. Sorry about slacking on my RR, bla, bla, excuse, bla ....But you did a great job

Too bad on the Lakeview to Ft Bidwell pipe line divert, the Fremont is a cool NF. When we arrived in Cedarville for gas, turns out burning man was just dumping out so the town was crawling with "burners", very intersting to say the least.

Here's some helmet cam I captured from our day 2 between Thompson Res and Cedarville CA which shows some of the Fremont NF. Sorry the vid is a bit long.

our day 5 route between Willow Cr HS and camping spot near Shirk range

Going into Funnel Canyon

Regarding the second water crossing past shirk ranch (blue flag waypoint left route map above), you made a smart choice slabbing a workaround to hart mt HS given the wet conditions. That second water crossing would have been much deeper and longer than the first. Also the camping spot you guys passed on past the ranch, was a very nasty mice crap'ola filled old cabin. Only reason we camped there was for our safety, massive lighting storm, rain and darkness . Those roads can be a lot of fun when they get wet.

The payoff for a hard day of riding going back north towards bend are the are hotsprings at hart mt and summer lake
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