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I've had the pleasure of knowing MikeGC for all 29 years of my young life. He has been a close friend of my family and specifically of my father ever since I can remember growing up. I have never really realized it, but in some way, he has contributed to my love of motorcyles. He and my father used to ride Harley's before he "saw the light" and started riding BMWs. They have stories they could share about each other that I am 100% certain the moderator would not allow...

I knew he was an inmate, but had never come across any ride reports or stories of his until today when he shared this link with me. The stories and pictures tell of truly heroic events that unfortunately are rarely depicted in today's "news" about our country and the war. I can tell you that after reading this story, I know why he is such a valued friend of my father. . In responding to PirateSeaCaptain, I can assure you "he has made a difference in many people's lives." I have seen it first hand.

Thank you to all the men and women that have sacrificed for this great country, and thank you MikeGC for sharing your story with us 'young folk' who may not have served our country, but will never forget those that have.
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