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I got to Osh ok, but wasnít really sure what to expect, as they had a small war here last year between the Kyrgís & Uzbeks. I had contacted Vladimir, his fone number was given to me by Klaus, the German guy I met in Tajik.
He met me along with his friend Julia, and they took me to a nice small hotel, Tes Guesthouse. Good parking, wifi, & price was good..
Julia called me a little later, & invited me to dinner. It seems theres a tradition here, when someone builds a new house, they invite all their friends & neighbors to a banquet, and I was invited also. We got to the big hall, musta been 350 people there..Tables were loaded with food & drinks, all free, so of course several people drank too much.
They had traditional singers & dancers, and other entertainment (not to mention the drunks)
It was fun, and being the only foreigner there, I got to meet a lot of people, and get my picture taken many times.
When we were leaving, Juliaís mom was there, and she had also been drinking a bit. We got a cab for her & her friend, then she smacks me, points in my face & is sorta yelling at me. Iím totally clueless, Julia is laughing. It turns out that she is telling us to behave ourselves, once she is gone and unable to keep an eye on us.
It was funny. The next day, after Julia told her what she did, she was really embarrassed. Hahaha

Heres Julia & her bike

And here some pics of the gala

Shaf, the guy that put this on

Julia, her mom and Shaf
My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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