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The next morning, Julia had volunteered to be my tour guide for Osh. I was curious about the war, which only lasted a couple weeks. Basically it was kyrgs & Uzbeks, she said it was mostly gangs of young kyrgs, out after the Uzbeks. I didnít get all the details, but it must have been pretty nasty, as theres A LOT of burnt buildings, houses & businesses.
I cant tell a kyrg from an uzbek by looking at them, but seems they can. We went to the market & looked around some. On the way there was this Marco Polo store, which was an outdoors store, selling hunting, fishing, camping gear. All that was left was the front. The rest was gone, they broke in, stole all the guns & stuff, & burned it.

All around are burnt buildings, but otherwise, the town seemed pretty normal. Things have calmed down. Julia is Russian, so they were ok, but basically had to stay in their house for a couple weeks

parts of the market area were gone, she said about Ĺ of it was destroyed

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