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I had to stop for gas, this village has about 10 different ‘gas stations’ selling 5-10 liter bottles of gas. Of course I had to screw up the whole system, as I wanted 8, which really confused the poor girl.
She was doing all kinds of figuring with the bottle to make sure I only got 8 liters, and not a drop more.

After this, up another pass…..

I met a couple guys riding from Bishkek, they showed me on a map where a bike shop was, as I wanted to charge my battery before hitting the border.

A couple other guys were parked at the overlook in a car, having lunch. They were amazed that I was from the US, and offered me a piece of horse steak. It wasn’t too bad. Then they offered me horse sausage. Hmmm, I could tell it wasn’t horse sausage, it was the sausage part of the horse!
Its something of a delicacy here, and although I’d never considered eating a slice of horse penis before, I figured what the hell, it’ll be a fun story to tell back home, & watch people turn green with envy. (or green from disgust…..) anyhow, it was actually pretty greasy, and I’d not suggest it to others. The bikers said I should be honored because they offered it to me. I said I’da been more honored had they offered a good cheeseburger, but what the hell…..
Sorry I didn’t think to take a picture to share with you. At the top was a long, dark tunnel, water on the bottom, several potholes, it wasn’t much fun. Out the other side, & down thru a canyon.

My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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