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Originally Posted by rtwdoug View Post
Hey Macadam,
Im sorry to hear that, but I hope the treatment is going good, and you'll be back on your bike soon.

I cant figure out why some people really seem to like my RR's, I mean I know Im not a great writer, picture taker, bike rider, well hell, much of anything really.
I guess my dad WAS right! I didnt amount to shit!

I do appreciate it tho, and next time I'm sitting along the road,, trying to figure out how to fix whatever the current problem is, I will think of you, stuck there the last 10 months, & realize that even tho I'm 1000 miles from anywhere, the cell fone lost signal, its getting dark, & the bears are sniffin around, I still have no reason to complain.

Get well soon!


oh, and I will do an update tonite, just for you!

(ok, I was going to do one anyhow, well, at least I was thinking about doing one, but now I will, for sure, unless I lose power in this empty village, or the cell loses signal, or the bears come sniffin around)

But, barring any of that, I will! Just for you!
Oh, Doug. If you only knew. You are the hero. You are the man. And this trip looks to be one of the best of all. So much for getting things done on a Saturday morning... Page after page, and I am glued. Forget the rest of the day, this will be what we are all thinking about.

Glad you have electrical power again - you had us all worried.

Looks like you are really close now, according to the Spot?

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