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Originally Posted by D.Bachtel View Post
Hoping for the best on the engine. Intake and exhaust ports were blocked off with blank plates and rubber at the time of disassembly. This was a running bike stripped down for paint. Don't think it was broken. The engine itself is one big lump. Appears as if it has never been opened. All fasteners are unmolested. Someone took a great deal of care taking it all apart. Everything is marked and labeled. I can hope but who knows until I open it up a bit more....

Don in Nipomo

Mine has a number of improper fasteners, miss matched here and there.
I bought a "complete shop & rebuild maunual" on CD via EBay for $20 + some odd bucks. . When I received it , it was actually a copy of a riders manual and did not go into much technical info. on the mechanics of the machine. I later found the same manual free on the internet. So beware of that scam.
The "Zundapp Fool" will be of great assisstance on your project. He has a real love for the EL Models and has one or two of them. They are the "Holy Grail" of KS601's in his opinion due to their rarity. He has a lot of used spare's although not cheap....but he will deal a little bit. He seems to be a real nice guy and is a great source of information.
You will be WAY ahead of the game if the intact engine is usable as is. Hopefully moisture didn't get to anything. Can't wait to see some photos!

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