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Originally Posted by james t kirk View Post
Contemplating making this set work for my Honda CRF, doing some research. just to let ya know....

Kirk Out
I space out on this thread.........and should have thought to put my XRR parts here as well as the Flea

parts is parts so I'll start listing.....

First up is the Warp 9 Supermoto 17 inch wheelset, wave rotors, 45T sprocket, 320 mm brake relocation bracket and rubber. Front tire is a Dunlop Sportmax 120/70/17 and the rear is an IRC RoadWinner, 150/70/17. Sizes were chose to enjoy as a street legal hooligan bike and worked out great. Extra spacers/bearings included as well as the Sumo fender pictured. Price: $750 plus shipping

Here's a left side radiator, intact and upside down as pictured. $40 plus shipping
IMS aluminum rear rotor guard: $20 plus shipping
Galfer semi metallic rear pads: $20 plus shipping
Galfer organic front pads: $20 plus shipping
EBC MSX rear pads: $20 plus shipping
Neutron metal sintered pads: $15 plus shipping
Unknown rear pads: Free to a $50 or higher buyer.......
New Moose Air Filter: $12 plus shipping

Front and rear 240 mm EBC rotors These are Extreme Duty Carbon Steel rotors
Front model 6001: $70 plus shipping
Rear model 6181: $70 plus shipping
or take both for $125 plus shipping

Original stator and AC regulator: $50 plus shipping
Front axle: $25
Rear axle, collar, washer and nut: $35 plus shipping
or take them both for $50....
Damaged but working BD switch...$15 plus shipping
pegs are gone

Suspension next? OK.
Stock yellow rear spring.......$40 plus shipping ( I think it's a 9 kg spring)
Eibach rear spring..........SOLD

New Renthal 15T sprocket: $18
New Renthal 47T rear sprocket: $25
Used 13T and 14T sprockets.....another freebie for $50 buyers
Used 51T and 55T rear sprockets....yup....freebies...
Original pegs: free to another $50 buyer
Iridium plug:

BTW, shipping will be from SLC, UT, zip code 84109 .........[/QUOTE]

Thanks to all who have participated.......

And Part Deux is the above list......

One of you folks needs to Sumo your bike and see how much fun it is.........that's how I ended up with two, concurrent XRR's...........

Just found #3 HiFlow oil filters ...... so........ one each to the first three $50 buyers.....
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