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Jeffreys Bay

Got up and started packing to leave the Surf Inn for the Savoy, organsied to meet Devan whose in Jbay surfing from Cape Town and has been at the Surf Inn for a few weeks. Packed most of my stuff into the garage so that made it easier just filled my Venture gag with gear for a few days and took off into town. Got into my room mid morning and just went in and relaxed, got online and had a chat with a few friends which is always nice to catch up with people from home. Headed out about 4pm to go watch the footy, Devan was out the front as I walked out of the Savoy Hotel so that made things easy and we headed over to the Jolly Dolphin across the road and sat down to watch the game.

Had a few beers obviously, I was the only Aussie in the joint again, it wasnt real busy but there was enough of them in there cheering for the Springboks and every little thing they did right and the aussie did wrong. I was staying pretty calm as didnt wont to start any trouble ha ha ha ok I was blowing up, the refereeing was all one way traffic, penalty after penalty after penalty to the springboks to the cheers of the home crowd.

The Aussies started to get on top in the second half and then scored and then a penatly to lead by 4 points, the South Africans needed to score a try in the last few minutes to win, it was getting down to the last few second's, the South Africans attacking the Aussies line and then they knocked the ball on handing possession to the Australians, I jumped to my feet and yelled oh yeah of course I was the only one cheering at their misfortune, standing there I was expecting a bottle of beer in the back of the head but they were all to busy crying so that was all good, they simply love their rugby here, in Australia it is a pretty big sport but down the pecking order of most popular probably at number 3 or 4 now behind Rugby League, Australian Rules and Soccer.

Devan nicked off after the game so I headed out to find somewhere where the was some younger crew to have a drink with as this place was full of retirees sipping on their beers. Came across a group of guys hanging outside one of the restaraunts from team KTM that had been in here for an motorcycle enduro up the coast a bit. Had a bit of a chat with them and cruised on. This town is pretty dead so there wasn't going to be any action tonight so I just got some fish and chip's and headed back to my room to relax.

Came out a bit later for a cigarette and had a chat with the guy doing the security out the front of the Savoy. The club across the road had a few people in it by now and music blaring but decided to give it a miss and just hung out and had a chat with him for about and hour, it's interesting to talk to the local black people they really have a lot of tribal issues still the Zulu and the Mbango people, after getting a good insight into the cultural differences and the problems it causes it was time for bed. So all in all a pretty relaxing day not much going on in Jeffreys Bay but im loving how cheap it is its only costing me 250 here right in town in the Savoy

One thing I did think why I was at the Savoy was I certainly wouldnt want there to be a fire, there is bars on all the windows the back door to get out is jammed shut and doesn't open so if there was a fire in here it would be interesting to see how you got out, its actually the first time ive actually thought I was sleeping in a death trap, im sure ill come across better ones than this in my travels though.

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