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Jeffreys Bay to Knysna

Got up pretty early and was moving back to the Surf in lodge back at Supertubes so packed up my gear and headed out to the bike, paid the bill then walked out the front and got chatting to the old dude who helps park the cars, Paul came over and we chatted for awhile then he headed back the shop and left me still talking to Stan. I asked if he would let me buy him and his lady friend some lunch, of course they were only to happy to receive some food, so I went over to Paul and ordered Stan and the other lady working there fish and chips. Stan said to me it will be the first time in a very long time he has had fish and chips, they make pretty much nothing parking the cars and live off the tips, it was only a few bucks for both meals so slipped Stan the change which wasn't much but ill all helps, they certainly weren't living the high life let me tell you.

Headed off the 5 k's back up the coast. It was a really nice day and thought to myself, it might be nice to go for a ride, so I decided instead of that short ride I would piss off and leave Jeffreys bay, so got back to the gear and started packing the bike up. Took about and hour to get everything organised unpacked from what I had taken into town and repacked and kitted up with all my gear. I went for a last quick ride down to the Point to have one last look and then headed off. As I rode past the Surf Inn Dave was there and Devan had just pulled up so I stopped to say thank you and cya, they were expecting me to come back to stay. Its nice to be able to just go im out of here and leave whenever I feel like it, I'm really enjoying that sense of freedom. Everyone has been telling me how beautiful Knysna is so it will be interesting to spend some time there.

Left Jeffreys about 10:30 and hit the highway. The Garden Route highway is great really good road, pretty straight, nice yellow and purple flowers all along the side of the road with the mountain range on the right makes for a pretty enjoyable ride. Pretty much just sat on 120 to 140 all the way. Stopped off at Storm River, a service station right on the Storm Gorge pretty spectacular. Had lunch there and met another nice person from Durban, Francois, I must admit I miss the people I met in Durban and Durban itself, I wonder if my travels will take me back there one day, I guess time will tell.

Arrived in Knysna around 3pm and went down to the waterfront to have a look, looks very nice from first impressions. Put in a B&B into the Gps and went and had a look but didnt stop in to ask it was right on the highway and look like a bit of a shithole so put the next one in and went and knocked on the door, same as usual third time lucky, the guy there was booked out and sent me down the road to one of the other ones and im glad he did. Walked in and got a really nice greeting from all the crew and other people staying there. Got shown to my flat out the back in the garden its really nice. One of the girls staying here invited me to come up to the pub where she is working, so after realaxing for awhile then going inside the main house to have a few drinks with all the crew in the lounge room I headed up to the pub. While I was in there Alexa rang and had a chat with her Channing and Helen, was really nice to talk to them all. Jacques, Kelly's boyfriend was up there so got chatting to him. Was a good night couple of Finnish guys, then a couple of other South African blokes from a rally crew dropped in but pretty quiet basically.

The rally crew challenged me and Jacques to a game of pool and I said, you know how this is going to end, you will be leading and ill clean up in the end and the Aussies will beat you South Africans again and as funny as it sounds, that was exactly what happened. We played the first game, they touched us up, then the second game we won, then on the deciding game they we were leading and we came back and I sunk the black to win talk about Aussie South African sport, theres nothing surer than a late Aussie victory ha ha. We love beating the South African's in close finishes in sport, it has happened so many times over the years, they must hate it.

Ended up pretty blind got to love the price of booze over here just so cheap. Had one bloke walk in at one stage, he was pretty upset, so I asked what was up and it turned out that one of his older neighbours had just been mudered in a home invasion and the guys wife shot and badly wounded, thats got to make you feel comfortable on your first night in a town, it seems to be just one of those things in South Africa, seems like its all luck of the draw if you get done or not as far as i can see. Oh well shit happens, im on the piss if they invade me tonight they will have to wake me to kill me.

Jaques and me in Knysna cool couple and really friendly

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