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Woke up around 9:30 and hung in bed for awhile as you can imagine we ended up pretty smashed last night, had coco pops for breakfeast and was jsut hanging around and Gerbis I hope I spelt that right came over and offered me a bacon and egg breakfeast which was really nice but i had just stuffed my face full with three bowls of coco pops, he did say he had made it for someone that hadn't eaten it, I hope that was the case I said mate i couldnt possibly eat it im full as and he took it away. I felt really bad knocking it back he really seems like a really nice person and I actually felt rude saying no to it.

Got on the bike about 11:30am and as I was leaving had a chat to Alf one of they guys here he asked me where I was going and I just said I dont know just riding, he just responded with, just love your attitude. Rode back north and over to the heads, looks like the rich end of town some amazing houses up on the hill, walked down to one of the viewpoints and came across a few local guys Elijah and Issac so sat down and talked about the history and the different places around Knysna, their families and other small talk. They were up there making the wire art work same as I had bought Alexa back in Durban its so cool. Issac was a funny dude lots of tricks showed him a few of mine had a few laughs was really nice of them. As I was standing there the Gps in my pocket turned on and started playing music so pulled it out to turn it off, Issac said he liked the song so I showed him some more of the music then handed it to him for him to play around with it. He was quite surprised when I did and said that no one would give them something like that and that the white people around here would never hand anything like that over, he handed it back and said thanks for showing him it. They were nice guys just eeking out a living so I bought a few little things off them said my goodbyes and headed off.

Got back on the bike and headed down to the island in Knysna and just cruised around checking it all out and just I was leaving and there was a little black kid getting some help fixing his chain of his push bike. I stopped and asked if they needed some tools and yeah so got off and helped as the guy fixing it seemed to be struggling with it, a few minutes later the chains back on and I left them to put the chain guard back on and of I went. as I was helping the little kid a guy and his wife had walked over and were checking the bike out, I walked over to say hi, turns out Tiga had an Honda XR 650 and invited me to go for a ride up into the hills with him, which I probably will on Thursday.

Got back home a little kid was walking down the road with his dad and I threw him a wave, I called out to see if he wanted to come over and sit on the bike, his dad grabbed him and they came over and I chucked the little guy on and showed him how to start it and stop it and he was really stoked did it about 20 times he was having so much fun. Put the bike away and went for a walk up to the bank to send some money to Alexa for part of a sponsership charity fundraiser Channing had done through his school then over to the supermarket to grab some food, then just headed home to chill. The weather has been really nice here in the last few days, hopefully that will continue, its funny cause its been snowing in Kempton Park where I was in Johannasburg and freezing in Durban too but simply great here in Knysna.

The main entrance for the sea into Knysna

Some nice houses up on the cliff face around here

Looking back to Knysna

Elijah and Issac eeking out a living as so many do around here, they were surprised when I gave them my Gps to go through the music, Elijah said to that hasn't happened before, obviously they dont get trusted as much as they should around these parts.
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