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Had a really nice day riding back north to Plettenberg the to Robbberg Nature Reserve it really is a nice place of the earth I must say volcanic rock coast line very much like the north coast of new south wales at home other than its brown . Plettenburg is amazingly like Nambucca heads but facing north a very nice town somewhere I could definatly recommend to go visit. If that was nice then the short ride of the Robenberg Nature Reserve is stunning, I only walked a k or two through the nature reserve and would of loved to have gone further but if your ever going there take supplies, the beaches down there are brilliant and would be awesome to spend the day, you could hang in rock pools, shallow beaches very very nice indeed.

From there headed down the dirt back roads to where I was told to go next Kroenscruik, ill check the spelling on that obviously wasn't in the spot where I was meant to be as I ended up in this little squat town with all the run down houses everywhere not the beautiful scenic spot I was supposed to be, school had just ended so there was lots of kids all over the place so stopped and had a chat with a few of them. as much as I could anyway.

Came to an intersection, I was wondering which one to take there was one way that looked like it took me right into the middle of the shanty town, the other was back past the school so I took the shanty town route all the kids were waving and smiling so felt ok Im pretty sure they don't get to many Bmw's out here. Headed back out of the town and back onto the dirt road south and eventually came out onto the highway again, then found the servo I was supposed to turn at and headed the 10 or so k's back inland to the coast to find another beautiful spot. Road all the way in past the car park, being on the bike certainly has its advantages, headed over a headland then another all the while heading back down the coast towards Knysna.

The track was getting a little tough but nothing I couldnt handle, I went down one section I became aware that I still had to get back up it and it was quite steep. Eventually made it though and jumped off got off and grabbed a few pictures of the coast then hopped back on and road back to the main car park. At one point on the ride back I actually had the front wheel go out from under the bike and was as close to being on its side as ive been, a close shave in the absolute middle of nowhere, in reality though nothing to serious. Stopped again and went for a walk down the trail another very scenic spot just brilliant love it around here it's very pretty.

The last spot I was told to go have a look at was Nuitzi so turned off the highway and headed the 5 or 6 k's down to the coast. The girls that were staying here had walked it yesterday and were whinging about how steep and how many steps there were so I wasn't looking forward to the walk to see the castle on the beach, when I got there I slipped the guy at the gate a few bucks and he let me ride my motorbike down to the beach so all I had to do is walk along a bit to go to look at the castle, to easy.

Had a walk around then headed back, the guy at the gate wanted a lift to the highway so he jumnped on the back of the bike and we took off. Dropped him off at the corner of the highway and near the squat camp and stopped and had a chat to a few young blokes on little step through scooters type bikes you know the ones, the bikes men like to ride when they want to feel the wind on their vagina, they were funny guys we had a good laugh. Later while relaxing back in Knysna proper later tonight there was a big protest going on up where I was talking to the boys we could see it from where we were in town all the cops and the buring of stuff going on, there's been protests about wanting more wages over here in the last few days apparently, I'm sure they are asking for a rise from a pittance to a little more than a pittance.
Got back to where im staying in Knysna and hung around for awhile, one of Kubis's mates was here with his son Shaun who was on a ninja 600, obviously he was interested in the journey being a motorcyclist, had a chat for awhile then Kubis, Shaun and his old man were heading for dinner down the marina and they asked if I wanted to join them.

I asked Kelly if she wanted to come down my shout so she left a note for Jacques to meet us down there and we all headed off for dinner and a few drinks. Kelly bumped into Jacques coming back from fishing so he just went and dropped his gear home up the road and came back and joined us. They seem like really nice people struggling away trying to find work in Knysna which isn't easy as its winter and not in the full on season for this place. Kellys got a few shifts in the Pub and Grub Hotel but its a bit of a shithole and she only gets irregular shifts. We all pigged out Kelly had a bottle of red and some other cocktail and me and Jaques had a few drinks too and then we all had a nice big meal and it only came to about 65 bucks with a 10 buck tip, got to love the price of stuff over here.

Left the restaraunt at 9:30 would of liked to stay and have a few but going for the ride tomorrow with Tiga who I met the other day, meeting up with hm in the morning so dont want to be hung over for that, Im actually sore as shit right now from my ride today so might have to bump a few painkillers into me tomorrow. We are going to head west into the hills somewhere, should be a fun ride where ever he takes us too, im looking forward to it, the mountain range to the west loooks awesome from here.

Got a txt message from Radka my Swiss Czech friend who lived with me in Australia a few years back tonight just to top off a great day, always love hearing from her over in Switzerland, its been 4 years since I saw here and its like just yesterday, im glad we are still in contact she helped me through alot after the accident when everyone was asleep she was there to txt and talk to on the other side of the world, i'll never forget the part she played in my recovery. Love you always Radka. Anyway over and out for another fantastic day.

The beach at the back of Plettenberg im sure theres good waves aroudn here though not long after this a guy was taken by a white pointer at the point mmmm munch munch

Robberg Nature Reserve it really is beautiful here.
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