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Just relaxing around the joint this morning have been coughing my lungs up the last few days not sure if it what Alexa and Helen had but riding through the snow in the Sani Pass last week wouldnt of helped and its been bugging me since about then. Went up to the Doctors as I had to see about malaria stuff at some point so thought it might be a good idea to get something for this cough at the same time. Shawn and his girl Tracey were really nice and helpful and got it all sorted.

Tracey had actually ridden her motorbike around parts of Australia so had a nice chat to her about that, she has a yacht in Cape Town in False Bay and has invited me to stay on it when I get down there so that will be nice if it happens. Shawn gave me some antibiotics for my cough and a sample of the malaria tabs ill be on to make sure I dont have any side effects from them and I ill go back on Monday to sort the rest of it out.

As it was Jacques birthday I gave Kelly a few bucks to get some snacks and grog to warm up before we headed out to go see Tig who I had gone for a ride with yesterday play guitar at a little club about 10 minutes away. While we were walking over to the island a either a pissed driver or a total dooshbag came up the footpath and nearly took us out no wonder theres nearly 14000 people killed on the roads over here a year they must get their lisences in the breakfeast cereal packets, there certainly are some crap drivers, they complain about their roads all the time here but from an outsiders point of view its certainly not their roads that are the problem, their roads are great, its just a cop out to blame them, there are just some shit drivers on the roads.

We got over to the island where Tig was playing but ended up in the wrong club so quicly bashed down a few drinks and a shot then hit the road to the other club Quay 4 where Tig was playing, it was really quite but that is never a problem when you are with good company. Tig's a really good guitarists and his mate who he was playing with were both excellent. We hung around there till about 9:30 then Tig drove us back into town and rang Paula and she met us in this local dive of a club. We drank, we drank and we drank some more till when ever, in the end it was a great night with lots of laughs. We came back here for a little while then Paula and Tig nicked off home, all in all a really nice fun day and night. I'm going for a ride with Tig and Paula on Sunday so that wll be nice, looking forward to it, then after that i'll have to start thinking about making my way down to Cape Town im not actually sure how long i've been here but i have a 3 month visa and must be getting close to 2 months soon and ive still got a fair bit of South Africa to get through as yet.

Everyone keeps telling how much i'll like Cape Town so I dont want to read to much into it as it might not be my cup of tea, time will tell. The chick to guy ratio sounds good though, ive been told its anything from 5 to 1 girls to 14 to 1 and apparently there are some really gorgeous women there too, the way I carry on when im on the piss I need those odds as well.
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