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Three years ago, just when I switched from the Monster to the DR, a certain road taught me a lesson, so today my plan was to get back there...

on the way I bought a new Madison County map, since none of my other maps show this road. Stopped at Barnard to plan the route and... dang, on the new map it's clearly marked as a private road . Well, I decided to just put around and take some pics as usual

somebody needs some goats!

Paw Paw

ignored the map and turned wherever I felt like it . Glad I stopped there to take a pic... almost lost my plate

turned out nicely (I've been on it before - just from the other side)

kept on going w/o a plan, till I realized where is was... time to pick up an apple and a hooker

yeah, it's "fresh" (especially inside)

all other road signs were taken

from there I went to the opening of the new BMW shop in AVL.. nice shop, nice unobtanium, and the only pic I took was of an old V50 (couldn't help myself, I owned one like this a long long time ago)

at this point my back tire was shut and started to chop big time (the side knobs literally breaking off) ... so, change of plans and back home I went - via a quick stop at the Wedge

Gonna put on a new tire tonight - anybody wanna get dirty tomorrow???
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