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No More, all done.
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I agree

"If I die and on a motorcycle, then it was a good death. I died doing something I love to do. No, I don't want to die young, but if I don't do those things I love to do, am I really alive, or am I just living for the possibility of life tomorrow?"

That's how I felt until I got married and had my daugter. Now every time I go for a ride I see her running down the back lane yelling "daddy come back". I have had many close calls including being hit from behind by a van that was doing 60 mph. It's seems every time I go for a short ride i come across a cage who nearly kills me. Yes I love to ride. But over the years I have lost five friends to motorcycle related fatalities. There are other things in life that are more important at the moment. I've been riding since the age of 7. Losts of crashes, and lots of scars. If you are worried that "today could be the day" each time you get on the bike. Then it's time for at least a break.
I don't really give a shit how many miles you rode in a day, just as long as you have a good time and take lots of pictures.
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