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Day 4

We wake up bright and early, eat breakfast, pack up, and un-ass the area before the workmen show up.

This day is different than any other day because we actually have a destination in mind when we start out. I have a good friend who lives in Conifer CO, which is about 30 miles off the CDR track up US 285. So our plan is to follow the track north to 285, and head for my friendís house where we can do a bit of work on the bikes, remember my fender?

It is still back there.

So we head out being sure to close the gate behind us, we want to be sure we secure the camp site and keep out any undesirables.

We didnít take a lot of pics this day as the riding was so nice, and when I am having fun, I often forget to take pictures.

The dayís terrain can be summed up in two short videos.

Riding through nice mountain roads with lots of trees.

Or riding in the planes on graded gravel.

On with the report.

From the camp site we continue north through Carnero Pass.

We get to HWY 114, we go west on pavement for a bit, then dirt west and north to Doyleville.

Just so you know I call anything paved a highway (HWY). I have noticed in other reports some guys only use the term Highway for a big road, or interstate/autobahn type road. If it is paved to me it is a highway, I grew up in a small town.

This was all good riding, here is a longer video of the road right out of the camp heading up to the pass.

After we get up to US 50 we head east to Sargents for gas.

I am not sure if the CDR GPS tracks go pavement through Monarch pass to Salida, but that is the way we went.

I have had the pleasure of riding my Street bike with sticky tires through Monarch pass, and man is that fun. Here is a longer video of me on the G650 going east on 50 up Monarch pass. It is fun, but donít dog me for going slow, I am on a loaded down dual sport far from home. So I tend to take it easy as I can bust myself up close to home any time.

This is a 7 minute video.

Out of Salida we head north east through the San Isabel national Forest towards hartsel. We met fellow ADV inmate Hipster on the track, and stopped and talked with him for a few minutes.

He is a real nice guy on a KTM 640 Enduro. We stopped and chatted for a while, swapping some info about what we could all expect as we made it farther up/down the track, then took off. Nice to meet you Hipster!

North of Salida you can expect more of this beauty.

And north of Hartsel it looks a lot like this.

Once to HWY 285 we head east to Conifer, get rained on (I really need a front fender), find my friendís house, and relax.

My friend John has a pretty nice shop, and a lot of hobbies to go with it.

He is converting the rear suspension on his scout from leaf spring to coil spring. Needless to say, he didnít have a lot of positive comments about my fender bracket, so we just drilled some holes, used the KTM bushings, and bolted it to the bottom of the lower triple clamp. I also tossed the fender bag in the pannier as I think that played a role in stressing the fender.

Kevin cranked some preload onto his rear shock, which helped his bike's handling a lot.

I had noticed my fan was running a lot, so we use a hole saw to make some air holes in the back of my fender, that did help.

Note that without the fender, my fan rarely came one.

After the issues with the bikes were sorted, we went out for Mexican food and Margaritas, and that night beers around the fire pit. Sorry no pics, I always forget to take pics.

Another great day comes to a close.
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