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Originally Posted by XB12R View Post
I procured some great info on Suicide grade and the Upper Mill Creek Community. I have maps of the community including home sites and graves. I have all the names of the residents. If you interested in getting a copy let me know. I'm in TD every week.

Also, I think McCrudy has the most capable bike (640 right?) to try Suicide grade, I think he should give it a try and report back.

That's all.
I have a book, written back in the 70s, about the old Mill Creek community and sawmills that existed at the turn of the century.
But no map, except a small hand-drawn-ish map in the book, drawn by the author, from one of the old residents' (likely fading) memory.

The map would be a bonus to my book (autographed by the authors!!)

There were still two building foundations up there, when I was up there last, maybe 8-10 years ago.
I had to walk my mountain bike up that steep-ass deteriorated grade then, but the ride at the top was fairly flat atop that ridge.
It'd be a fun trip, again.

Originally Posted by Craig McCurdy View Post
AJ is going to have to show me where it is first! Then I let you know....
Originally Posted by Easy-Z View Post
All this talk about it makes me want to take my WR250 up there. I'm sure I could make it.
Let's GO!!!!!
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