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First up is Metzler's Sahara: Here's how it looked after 4000 kms or about 2400 miles.

Was on the bike when I bought it, glad I didn't pay for it. Worked well on and off pavement. Inspired real confidence on paved twisties and hooked up well on dry gravel forest service roads. Didn't really get a chance ot try them in mud and sludge, but don't imagine they'd work any better than they look. Only knobbies work well in mud and sludge. Considering the mileage the delivered I wouldn't ever buy them. 606 Dunlops are a serious knobby and they'd outlast them. And they're great off-road.

Next up is the Heidenau (sp?!?) K60 rear in 120/80-18. Picked this puppy up at a foo-foo Honda dealer in Vancouver's chi chi Granville Village. Nearly fell over when the parts kid said it was $97. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause. It's seen 5.5k kms so far and it's holding up strong at maybe 1/2 worn. Works great on pavement, sticks really well in the bends and provides a nice ride quality. Works well off-road and on gravel roads, too. Gives you confidence to maintain a spirited pace on forest service roads and etc. Given their performance capability I think they're an excellent value. Would definitely buy them again.

The real surprise is this Mitas knobby front tire (not sure what model it is or how much they cost?) which apparently is a "Dakar" compound as denoted by the yellow stripe (thanks BMWRSNUT). This thing's still going strong at 9.5k kms. Pictured here at 4k kms, it works great everywhere, pavement, gravel, mucky trails etc. I dug it. Knobby tires are not supposed to work this well on high speed twisty pavement. I was astounded and very pleased by it's over all performance on every type of riding surface. It's longevity is just a gimme, and very sweet icing on the cake.

My new favourite dual sport front tire?

Ride on, Old School Fools.

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