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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
Come down to Mill Creek from Ketchum on that grade we stopped for a view that day, and you'll have a good rough ride.
Thanks got it, we were looking straight across the valley at that ridge finger from ketchum. Heck that's only a few minutes from my place as the crow flies.

Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
When you coming out our way again?
Well, will have to wait a bit after my rt5/rt4 trip starting next week. But looking forward to another camping trip later this fall, before the steady rains that is. I took a ride on Sunday between cascade locks and Takhlakh Lake to complete out my wabdr trip. Sort of the northern hood. Last July I was turned around on this leg by snow. Ran into 2 big GS bikes on the route hauling the mail just south of trout lake. They were going to fast to stop and talk. Almost sent you a ride PM on sat but figured you and Mrs AJ would still be getting reacquainted.

takhlakh lake (crawling with people I might add)
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