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Been riding it to work and around town the last two days....

Smoother throttle response. "Like buttah." Best description I can give is that the throttle response feels more like my old carbed '98 F650ST but with gobs more power.
The little snatchynes that was left after I switched to 15/42 is gone. Not a drop or hair of any poor throttle snatch anymore.
More power on demand so I twist less throttle to get to speed
Gas mileage is about the same. Maybe slightly better if that is possible. Reset the BMW avg gas guage. Havn't put a full tank through it yet. Will soon tho...

All and all it is a great solution. I give it a big s

Best of all the F800GS high rev clatter is diminished to where I can't even hear it now. Tells me the bike was running TOO LEAN for its own good.

Great work HTCoonass
Ride more, bark less
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