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The road to Astana was more of the same, mostly flat, straight & boring. It was a long way between towns, and I stopped for a guy whose bike ran out of gas, my spare was full, as I saw on the map there was nothing out here.

We finally got to a town, & the only gas station was full of bikes, as it was a long way to the next town. After this, it started to rain a bit, and a few times when I stopped, when I tried to start the bike, it would cough & backfire & didnít want to start, but then after a bit, it would. It seemed like the timing was off, but after this day, I didnít hit anymore rain for quite awhile, and the bike hasnít done it since.
I stopped to visit the Kulag memorial, the Kazakh version of the gulags. At one time, this area was full of them, and it covered an area the size of france. There were many different small monuments, from different countries who had citizens imprisoned here.
I met Andrei, Andrei & Natasha on the road, & they were with me when the bike was actin up, so they followed me to the big town, & helped me find a room for the nite, then they went on home to Astana, another 200km away. It was going to get dark before they got home now, but they wouldnít leave til I was settled. And when they noticed I didnít have gloves (Iíd lost one in Turkmen) Natasha offered me hers. I said thanks, but Iíll buy a pair tomorrow. And I meant to, but could never find any I liked or that fit for another couple weeks J
But was a nice offer. This is how the bike riders here are tho, always helpful. Itís a shame bike riders back in the US have lost this. Not all of them, but most.

On the road

Kulag memorials

My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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