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I got to a small town, Mamoko? I think it was called. I was told theres a hotel here. I ask people, & they all send me to the same area, but I cant find a damned thing. Iím looking all over, ask more people, and they send me the other way. Sometimes finding a place to sleep is the hardest part of the day.
I stop at a store by the center, & 2 guys pull up. Alexei & Dmitry. Neither can speak English, and we know how bad my Russian is, but they tell me not to worry, and get on the fone. Then they say to wait. Time is ticking. Sun is setting. Iím in a small village with a growing crowd of people.
Lookit the space alien
That aint no ural heís riding, what the hell is that?
I donít know, but get my picture beside it
And so on. In other words, it was my usual evening find a hotel ritual.
I was a bit nervous when it got dark, but they said not to worry.
Next, Dmitry says ok, lets put the bike in my garage. Well, I donít know him, or his garage, but what the hellÖ. Then he takes me to a place to sleep. Seems he is a driver or something in the military, and took me to a small local base, and I slept in the officers lounge. And the bike seemed to be safe, heíll pick me up in the morning, which he did.
Great guys, wouldnít take a dime, but I did get em to let me buy em a beer at least.

My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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