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Ahhh.....not much to tell. Gravel road, going 50 or so , was about to take a right, and even had time to flick the signal on for Mike who was behind me, so I'm guessing I was going 30 at the turn. 90 degree right turn, front washed out, I went down hard on the right as the bike did a 180 on the valve head. That thing was shattered into a bunch of pieces. Some I couldn't find. JB weld and duct tape got me a 100 yards.

Shit...I threw a bungie on it for good measure.

But riding bitch on KLR, got me home to my truck and trailer.

I guess the peanut covers really are thinner than the 80's style covers. I'm going back to those.

Mike looks like a proud papa with the valve cover.

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