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8/24/2011 (Wed.)
Daily Mileage: 257 miles
Overall average: 34.7 mph

 photo P1000086.jpg

 photo P1000086.jpg

 photo P1000086.jpg

Today I woke up early and took a stroll along the river photographing the other Ewok village huts. The place is pretty cool, and I could see myself going back. I would love to experience some of the hot spring mineral baths the town has to offer, but that is another trip.

After getting my fill of wading in the creek and showering up, I pack up and back up the steep hill I go. Its much easier going up than down. That is for sure, still I try and hang to the right. The thought of my bike going over the retaining wall would be tragic.

Click on the image to see the video:

Take off and I'm back on the interstate humming along at 70-72 with power to pass, and it doesn't complain even with the lower gearing and smooth to boot. Simply amazing.

 photo P1000086.jpg

At around 1:45, I pull into Deals Gap Gas station, fuel up and park one spot away from a 1200GSA. Parking next to a pinstriped cruiser just didn't feel right. I order a burger, scarf it down, and go back out to the bike where I meet the dudes that riding the bike. Phil, Casey, and his dad Bill. All from Utah. Super cool dudes from Utah. We exchange numbers as there might be an opportunity for them to ride with them from Utah to Oregon, or maybe I stay a day in Moab and ride the trails there with them?

 photo P1000086.jpg

I ride with them on the tail of the dragon. The Dragon was motherlovin awesome. I leaned those knobbies as far over as they would go and they held strong. There was some chatter when I was late braking into a turn and a couple of aggressive rear brake slides before the turn, but I got into such a rhythm of falling into turn. Feel like zoolander, but the form for dropping into a right hand turn feels so much more natural than a left. By the end of the day, I figured it out and it was nothing but zen.

Sux, though because I thought I captured it all on my Gopro. Turns out, I must've not pushed the buttons hard enough, but all I got was a still. Oh well, video doesn't really capture it. I'll just go get the killboy photo if it comes out awesome. Will post it here if I do.

After the tail of the dragon, I was headed straight up to Jellico, TN and thats where I am now, prepping for tomorrows maiden voyage.

 photo P1000086.jpg
First thing I did was grease my chain.

 photo P1000086.jpg

Second thing. jump in the pool. That was so nice.

Probably TMI, but did the wash in the tub and I'm good on clothes for the next 3 days. All my garments are quick drying moisture wicking stuff, so handwashing and drying is easy peesy.

 photo P1000111.jpg

Observation: D606 won't die (on the WRR, at least) I must have 6500 miles on mine and they are on there way out, but those things are tough. The front knobs looking they will be shearing off soon, even though theres still alot of life on them. The rear has maybe a 1/4 left.

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