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Originally Posted by grndzr0 View Post
So... Um I think the OP was kinda directed toward people that own the 800gs "would you still buy and 800gs?"

We are all well aware of how happy you are with your purchase X Country.

I have put 11,000 mile on my F800 since i bought it in April. I have ridden it hard off road. Its been down probably 40 times. Maybe that says how much i suck. I have had zero issues with it other than a seeping head gasket.

I am happy that i bought it. It has taken me far more places than i thought it would be able to.

I am fairly certian that you have worn out your welcome. You have thrown 4 year old insults at a fairly respected member in this forum. That is kinda hard to take back.

You are also the first person I am going to have to ignore. Which is even more upsetting because you are wasting more of my time because I'm going to have to have figure out how to do that.

Dude the topic was started by a none F800GS owner and included the triumph 800XC and i don't care if you want me on any thread in the forum seriuosly? Who are you? The respected member you mentioned was the one throwing insults around. Go back and read!! Also he disgraced himself by lieing about Rocket motorcycles and falsely claiming to know the Salesman. Which has never heard of him and never talked to him. Even claimed the sales also insulted me and then claimed he gave him my personal information. All extremely pathetic lies and well just not very respectable. Don't believe me call Rocket Motorcycles. Sad very sad and did i say pathetic? Oh yes i already did didn't i.

Can we now for Gods sakes stop the freaking trolling and just talk about the two great bikes? Seriously can we?
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