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Originally Posted by Xcountry-Rider View Post
Actually i expected nothing from you. You made a criticism and i answered it i 3 separate ways for the lurker. We have some name calling trolls on this thread that thought they could talk thrash about the Tiger without the Tiger folks correcting the misinformation. We're here correcting it an for those that want to have a grown up discussion.
Please quote the "misinformation" regarding the 800XC that prompted your arrival on page seven. Seems to me that 800GS riders were praising the Tiger prior to your first contribution to the thread.

We have some name calling, yes. You deserve it.

We have a troll, yes. You. Your call for reinforcements from Beasts says much about you and your motives here.

We have no one here "trashing" the Tiger. Most have said what a good bike it is but most prefer the 800GS for the type of riding they do. Surely you can't have a problem with that?

You've been told before and I'm telling you again, tread carefully here.
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