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Hey Jenny,

I stopped by this post to see how you were doing (after all, you are the only Dakar rider I've met in person). Sorry to hear about the 2012 effort being eliminated, but I must agree with the others who mentioned that this could be a good thing for a 2013 effort. With healing injuries, physical conditioning, sponsorship arrangement, product line development, webpage development, at least one motorcycle build, keeping up with this excellent post, not to mention secular and home front duties. An extra 12 months of prep time is not all that bad is it? How do you manage and track it all? In my secular life I worked with project management software and detailed multi-tiered to do list. I now use that same type of software to track and manage my larger task and even motorcycle builds. It may sound a bit "Nerdy" but it works very well. Software developers call it "Procedural Abstraction". A way to take a task that is so multi-faceted that it is hard to comprehend and break it down into small task that are executed easily and in the correct order. A side benefit is that you can see bits of accomplishment on a daily basis. You probably have a system in place, but I was just curious. Don't get discouraged, take it as an opportunity and make the best of it. BTW - keep us posted on the day to day stuff as well.
I'll be out there...
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