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Originally Posted by Xcountry-Rider View Post
I got my Tiger a couple weeks ago and have been riding a BMW G650 for 3 years. The Tiger is much heaver but does not feel heavy at all on the trail. Some people are saying it feels lighter than a F800GS. I can't verify that but i can say the tiger feels balanced and lite. Its a much much better dirt bike than my BMW G650 thumper. Its so confidence inspiring in the dirt and so smooth on the road. My G650 has the tank under the seat as well like the F800GS but i'm much rather be on the Tiger in the dirt. So i'm not really convinced that the lower tank is making such a huge difference as people are thinking.
Comparing the G650 to to either of these bikes is apples and oranges. I had the F650GS Dakar which is the exact same bike as the G650 you had. Same but with more suspension travel, taller and a 21" front wheel.

So let's compare. The F650 Dakar (single) vs. G650GS/F650GS (single). These are the same bike so they ride similarly except for the 21" wheel, ride height, and suspension travel. Natually the Dakar was better off road. The G650GS capable yes, but not a match for the F650Dakar.

My F650 Dakar vs. my F800GS - when I first got the F8GS and rode it around on road and off... I liked it right from the start & mine has had no problems or recalls so far at 14,700 miles... knock on wood!. People would ask how it rides. I'd say it actually "feels" a lot like my Dakar actually but rides a lot lighter, and is better off road and absolutely destroys the F650 on road." Well it feels a lot like the Dakar but also better too.

Then I'd think about it a second & say... "well actually since my F650 Dakar had the forks redone with gold valves & springs for my weight + an ohlins rear shock + a set of TKC80's on it vs a bone stock F800GS which mine was at that time with the Pirelli Scorpion Trail tires it came with... ["Street Enduro tires for Dual Purpose motorcycles used mainly on roads"] LOL! the F800GS is still better.... a huge step forward.

We are talking night and day difference vs a stock G650GS there buddy.

Begezzus. The F800GS vs. the Tryumphant 800XC... they are pretty similar depending on what you want, who you are and how you ride.

Original Question - with the Tigerth 800XC out would you still buy the GS. My answer about 6 pages ago still stands. Yes, in a heartbeat. I like it.

Oh and your name Xcountry rider. Is that a reference to your old G650 Xcountry bike or your riding experience?
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