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Originally Posted by klaviator View Post
Great trip and report so far.

I'm guessing you have non O ring chains on the bikes since they are stretching so much.

Although your tiny bikes make for great adventure and a great report, I don't think I could handle all the traffic whizzing by me. I have a 150cc scooter that is just a little faster than the Symbas and I don't like taking it on 2 lane roads where I can't at least cruise at the speed limit. When you get overseas I imagine the Symbas will be perfect for the lower speeds found in many countries.

Any regrets so far at your choice of bikes?

Thanks for putting so much effort in doing a detailed writeup so far. I'm looking forward to the rest.
Any regrets, hmmm... The relative lack of power has been frustrating on a few occasions, there were a couple of climbs in the Rockies where we ended up in the truck lane and could only manage second gear. Struggling up the hill at 20mph while traffic blows by at 65 is a little nerve-wracking. Also when we were riding through Idaho on the crazy, confusing route we had to take to avoid I-84, I have to admit to some moments of big bike envy. When you have to ride 50 miles to get 20 miles down the 84, more power sounds mighty attractive. But part of the reasoning behind the small bikes is that they do enforce a slower pace and I know myself too well - if we had more speed, we'd use it. The fun side of 100cc's is that we have met and chatted with more people who are amazed and interested in what we are doing and how we are doing it. Our first week of riding was also Sturgis, we have had more Harley riders stop us to chat and they have been the friendliest and most encouraging riders we have met (once they get past the fact that we don't have a support vehicle ).

The other drawback is the physical "smallness" of the bikes, Re gets on better at 5'5" but I'm 6'. The seating position is a little cramped and the seats are uncomfortable after a while (and can be downright painful by the end of some of our longer days). But I'm always quick to offer a "therapeutic" massage to my lovely traveling partner, so it has it's pluses, too.

The bikes we are on is what makes this trip what it is. There are certainly other bikes that we could have taken, but then it wouldn't be this trip.

Glad you are enjoying the trip so far, we'll try to keep it up!
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